Game of Thrones Dinners

Some pictures from our last two Sunday night dinners before watching Game of Thrones. Each weekend Carmen’s sister Ana, her boyfriend Ricky and our friend Alex come over.

Marina plays a fundamental role in dinner – stuffing and prepping the peppers and making the gazpacho from scratch (both turned out awesome!). I really enjoy our random, wandering discussions while cooking; our chats range from the cultural differences she’s picked up during her time here… to philosophy, maths, movies… even a discussion on the shape of the universe.   These times will be missed when she’s back home.

Who is this *grown up* girl back there?!

Who is this *grown up* girl back there?!

Yoga Yoga

Marina won the highest award for Yoga in 2015! I guess that explains how quite and spacey she is in the morning ride to school… she’s meditating :)

Random Bike Ride

I got home early from work… so why not take a bike ride?! We decided to also take Charley… who preferred being carried.